Vacant 2024-2025 PTO Board Positions

Everyone from the school community is encouraged to join the PTO in an official capacity!
The PTO meets monthly on the second Tuesday of the month, rotating between 6pm and 10am meetings.
If you have questions about time commitment or responsibilities of any of the open positions, please email

The officer role that is vacant:
Vice-President – The vice-president shall act as an aide to the president, perform the duties of the president in the absence or the disability of the president and perform other duties that may be delegated by the president.  There may be up to two Co-Vice-Presidents. Vice Presidents transition to President.

The Board shall consist of the officers of the organization.  The duties of the Board shall be:
1. To transact the business of the organization.
2. To approve plans of the standing committees.
3. To approve a budget for the organization.
4. To monitor and, as necessary, amend the budget during the year.
5. To approve all expenditures over $1000 which are outside of the approved budget.
6. To approve all plans for raising funds for the organization.

The open positions are as follows:
Greater Madison Representative
University Houses/ Eagle Heights Representative

–>Please nominate yourself or another for any open position on the Board using this form.