Volunteer Opportunities

All families are part of the Shorewood Hills Elementary School PTO and it is your choice how you want to participate. Throughout the school year there will be school-wide events, fundraisers, and after-school clubs that can only happen if there is support from adults.
This post will be updated throughout the year with volunteer opportunities that you may choose to help with.

For any PTO sponsored volunteer opportunity that takes place at school, during the school day, you must complete the MMSD Volunteer Training.

Recess Duty
(MMSD Level 1 Volunteer training required)
The teachers and staff are in need of volunteers for recess duty. Every time a volunteer covers recess duty, it gives teachers and staff extra time in their day for their work. Volunteers can pick any one day or choose to cover a particular recess on a regular basis – all levels of help are greatly appreciated.  

May Recess Duty-Kindergarten
May Recess Duty-First Grade
May Recess Duty-Second Grade
May Recess Duty-Third Grade
May Recess Duty-Fourth Grade
May Recess Duty-Fifth Grade

Popcorn Sales
(MMSD Level 1 Volunteer training required)
Volunteers work in a team of at least 3 volunteers to set up the machine and materials, pop, bag and sell popcorn. Volunteers clean up, turn cash box into office, and report back to shorewood.pto@gmail.com with how the sale went. Instructions are provided for assistance.

Date of Sale and Proceeds
May 3rd Safety Patrol
May 31 3rd Grade Team

Non School Day Volunteer Opportunities

If you have any interest in volunteering please contact the PTO email: shorewood.pto@gmail.com