The Shorewood Hills Elementary School PTO is a nonprofit parent/teacher organization (PTO) whose mission is to build and support a strong and inclusive community of parents, teachers, and students by advancing opportunities in the home, school, and the school community. The PTO sponsors programs and events for the school, raises funds for teachers in the classroom, supplemental educational materials, and general school improvements. We also provide a non-biased forum for sharing information on issues that impact our children. We believe the team effort of a parent/teacher organization offers the best possible learning environment for our children.

We do this with a cooperative effort that focuses on the following 3 main goals:

  • The PTO helps families get involved with and stay informed about the school and their child’s education.
  • The PTO works with the school to enrich students’ education and support high-quality education.
  • The PTO serves to strengthen community ties with the school with inclusive and equitable programs.


All school families are welcome! YOU are the PTO. The Principal, Teacher Representatives, and Board Members are also in attendance.

Meetings are a time to discuss upcoming PTO events and programs, for the Principal to report on current school issues, and for Teacher Representatives to talk about what’s happening with school staff.