MMSD Volunteer Requirements

Want to get involved in your kid’s classroom at SHES, but wondering how to become an approved volunteer for MMSD? Don’t know what the levels mean or if your approval expires?
Here is a quick explanation of MMSD’s volunteer requirements!


  • Level 1 Volunteers may NOT work alone with students. They may, for example, be eligible for recess duty. 
  • Level 2 Volunteers may work alone with students (field trips, working in the classroom, etc).

Approval Process:

  1. Register at Volunteer Tracker and start an application.
  2. Complete a background check. This will be processed by MMSD if you selected Level 2 activities in the Volunteer Tracker application.
  3. Complete Training (pre-recorded videos):
    1. Building & Student Safety Protocols – required (15 minutes) and must be completed annually
    2. Onboarding – highly recommended (1 hour) and one time only

How to Check Approval Status:

  • Volunteer Tracker will list your status as “Pending” or “Approved.” You are also sent email notification of approval. Once approved, you can begin volunteering!

Does Approval Expire?

  • Background checks for Level 2 volunteers must be resubmitted every 365 days. Volunteers will receive an email when their application is due for renewal and renewal is completed through your Volunteer Tracker profile.
  • Building & Student Safety Protocols training must be completed annually.