What is the PTO?

The Shorewood Hills Elementary School Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is an important part of the school community.  As parents, you are automatically members of the PTO and welcome to attend the PTO’s monthly meetings. We alternate between evening, daytime, Zoom and in-person to accommodate as many families as possible.



What does the PTO do?

  • The PTO raises supplemental funding for the school. Purchasing a new refrigerator for the teachers’ lounge and supporting grade level field trips were some initiatives this year. In addition, the PTO pays for additional books and supplies for every classroom.
  • The PTO organizes and supports school events. These include: 4K/5K Playdate, Fall Festival, Read a Thon, Poetry Cafe, Staff Appreciation Week, International Week: parade/performance, Global Village and Food Fair; Virtual Variety Show, 5th Grade Party.
  • The PTO notifies families about school events, and serves as a forum for two-way communication. The PTO sustains an ongoing conversation among families, teachers, and school administration about issues pertaining to Shorewood Hills Elementary.
  • The PTO manages several school clubs. These include the Chess Club, Harry Potter Club, Future Problem Solvers Club, Scratch Club.


How can you help?

The PTO is your vehicle for making a difference in your child’s education at Shorewood Hills Elementary. As you prepare for the upcoming school year, consider how you will be involved in the PTO. Donations of time and money are equally important.

Will you volunteer? Volunteers are needed for all PTO events, including planning, running, or volunteering for an event; Yearbook committee or being a board member.

Many volunteering opportunities welcome children of all ages and/or can be done outside of school hours.

For events inside the school, during instructional time, volunteers must be approved by the district.

Here is a link to the information regarding MMSD’s volunteer training.